The Start

7. August 2017
Who is this guy?

The major part of you guys reading probably know me through my instagram „justusf_hansen“; meaning you know my name, my age, what I look like and due to over 1.000 uploaded pictures, certainly the topics I’ll be dealing with on this blog:
my very own point of view on fashion & lifestyle.

For the rest of you that don’t know me, here’s the story:

My name is Justus Frederic Hansen, a 25-year-old law student living in Mainz (Germany) that shares his passion for mensfashion as one of the so called „Influencers“ on Instagram since 3 years by now.

I never liked that expression to be honest with you. To „influence“ someone just sounds a little too aggressive for me. Simply too guiding. And yeah, actually a little too confident as well. Instead, I’d rather want my outfits and pictures to be an„inspiration“.
I find this term to be much more suiting for my work. The main goal I’m aiming for with my blog, my outfits and my perspective on mensfashion is to give a solid foundation, a basic set of ideas that leave room for interpretation and in the long shot help people to find their own style.
Of course it’s possible and from time to time O.K to even copy ideas & outfits. But I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s much more fulfilling and fun to look at yourself in the mirror and think: „I created this outfit MYSELF!“.

All beginnings are difficult! But that’s where I come in…and my blog.



Why do I, as a man, even take interest in fashion?

No matter what kind of stereotype you had in mind – none of them applies. My story is actually kind of funny! So here it is:

I’ve had this thing for fashion ever since I can remember. My mom showed me a picture once that is proof I cared about my visual appearance even in kindergarten.
The first time I’ve put together an outfit was the day we had a professional photographer taking our picture. That was my moment! I wanted to dressed best possible. Confident as little Justus was, he combined his mickey mouse tie with an elastic strap to his favorite polo shirt. Holding a teddy, Ferrari toy car placed on the table; Money shot.

Sounds like a strange combo, I know. My mom said: „You know, whenever you were proud of something you lowered your head, rose your shoulders and smirked. That’s the pose you had on that picture!“.

Maybe I’ll upload it one day. Maybe.

The next and even more important stage that had great influence on my style as it is now, was in school, 12th and 13th grade (german equivalent to „Highschool“).

Contrary to the impression most people have of me, I was a poor and very difficult student; hard to handle! I genuinely didn’t take any interest at all in what we were taught. But still, I never skipped class. I mean, I had a bit of a sense of duty in me after all you know.
I was that guy always entertaining my class, sitting in the back pulling jokes and disturbing the teacher in basically everything he wanted to perform educational wise.

To be honest: I was kean on showing them how much I doubted, or let’s say, didn’t even acknowledge them as authority figures. Looking back to those days I do have to admit that it was immature and wrong behaviour.

Nevertheless, I was who I was! And because I was always looking for ways to psychologically terrorise them, I asked myself: „What can I do to annoy the teachers to a maximum?“

That’s exactly the point where my passion for clothing came in. I thought that the only thing a teacher would annoy even more than a stupid kid pulling jokes and disobeying orders, is a stupid kid pulling jokes and disobeying orders but dressed up on top! LOVED my plan.

Next thing I knew I was back in school, dressed up as hell wearing a nice shirt, blazer & tie, disturbing as if nothing had changed. That contrast of a high class looking low-achiever turned out to have exactly the effect I wanted to provoke with it: teacher’s felt offended and hated me even more. Fun times guys, fun times.

As a result of my behaviour I had to repeat 12th grade. I’m sure the teachers were more than happy once I graduated and left town for my studies.

From back then until now, everything went smooth without any further incidents like that. My grade average pretty much sucked, so the only chance I had to study law was here in Mainz. Not my favorite, but that was the price I had to pay.

Ever since I started dressing dapper in school, the passion for blazers, shirts, ties and chinos never left. The contrary actually; the older I got (and therefore the style matched better with my age), the more I started concerning myself with the matter of mensfashion. I of course pulled off some terrible looks, that’s for sure! But especially because of those mistakes I made, I started developing my own understanding of color combos, shapes and fabrics of clothing over the years.

It is a constant process. What I like wearing today might not be the same I’d wear tomorrow. In this regard, it can definitely be quite frustrating. Frustrating, because of the fact that you’re just not able to attain a state in which you’re satisfied in the present but also in the future, when looking back. In fact, the most important isn’t to achieve such a state but actually the process itself. It helps you to develop an understanding of what you like and what suits you best, every time you go through it. And the better you’re getting at that, the more likely you’ll achieve the state in which you have a continuous self-confidence in the choice of your clothing.

In my opinion, an outfit is only then well composed, when the person wearing it carries a smile on his face because he feels good.

Join me and we will see if we can reach that state together.

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  • Luci
    2 months ago

    Hey Justus, I recently stumbled upon your Instagram and I was like wow, this guy really knows what he’s doing in terms of style, you pulled off some looks that where just amazing. I like a lot of them, but I’d definitely have to say my favorite look is your blue denim jacket with the turtleneck, and the gray jeans with your Vans. By the way, I appreciate that you tell us where you got your clothing pieces from, but when I went to look for those gray jeans online from (what you had tagged for those jeans), I couldn’t find them. I don’t know if they got rid of them because it’s a new season or whatever else, but any sort of help as to where I can get those exact gray jeans would be so helpful, thanks! And keep doing what you do and inspire us, you pull off some amazing looks.
    Best regards, and I hope nothing but the best for you.

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