Luxury in a nutshell – Ingolstadt Village

14. August 2017

What would you do if Jimmy Choo invites you to a cocktail event? Yup. The same as I would. You’re humbled to accept the offer and set off.

There I was, taking the train from Mainz to Munich and from there with a shuttle service (thanks for that by the way!) in a 40 min drive to Ingolstadt Village where Jimmy Choo is located.

And guys; since the reason why I started this blog is to give you access to my view on mens fashion by sharing tips and hints about what to wear and where to shop, there’s no way around giving you a frank description of the concept of Ingolstadt Village and its partner company Wertheim Village.

In a nutshell, Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village are like tiny cities of luxury, each consisting of over 110 international luxury brand shops like Bally, Escada and Jimmy Choo of course. Topped with restaurants, coffee shops and services like personal shopping assistant, the villages provide everything for an overall feel-good effect.

The greatest advantage is that the villages offer the exact atmosphere of exclusive shopping lanes, as we know them from our hometowns, but without the stress and hectic of a big city’s daily life. If you couldn’t find the piece you were looking for in the one store, just try it at the shop 20 metres to your left. Or right. A benefit that comes along with the charm of a romantic small town village instead of the cold atmosphere of a shopping mall. Sounds good, doesn’t it?



After strolling through the village for some shopping, we entered the store of Jimmy Choo where the event took place. Just as I did before, you probably thought that Jimmy Choo, a company founded 1996, is a shoe brand specializing on womens footwear only. We were wrong!


Where does the myth come from? I did some digging and found out that the brand got famous because it’s been mentioned in the US TV series “Sex and the City” several times. No wonder we associate it with women, right..?

After looking around the store with its very calm and elegant atmosphere due to the light and goldish color palette they used, I immediately went for the mens section (Sorry Mom, your favorite pair wasn’t in stock. Promise!).


While enjoying drinks mixed by a private bar keeper, we had the chance to pick our favorite piece from the showcased collection. As you can see on the pictures, it was a carefully chosen hybrid between sporty-casual and elegant shoes which is exactly what I like: shoes for every occasion.

Since you guys know me and my style from Instagram, you already know which pair of shoes “Justus F. Hansen” would go for.. tassel loafers! I fell in love with a pair of suede black ones that I tried on right away.



After a few more drinks and quite some nice frank discussions about menswear, I took one more walk around the village before taking the shuttle service (thanks again) back to the Hotel. And indeed – how unfortunate – I found quite a few more inspiring pieces for my outfits in the Village’s display windows. Ans since all the shops offer discount prices up to 60 % throughout the whole year,  I’ll definetly have to come back and pick them up!