From ocean plastic to dresscode „chic“

2. May 2018

GANT Beacons Project


If you would have asked me a day before March 3rd 2018 which kind of goods you could produce from upcycled ocean plastic, the last answer I would have come up with was „shirts“.
It is the day that marks the beginning of the Beacons Project, a fashion initiative and approach to solving the problem of oceanic pollution.

The first thoughts that came to my mind when hearing of sustainable shirts where: „Do they look different form normal shirts?“ & „Are they comfortable?“. If you can relate, take a look at the pictures below.

That’s what it looks like when a company decides to contribute their part to improving the environment: the „Tech Prep™ Bio Chambray Shirt“.

The difference to other shirts: there is none. Telling from the looks and feels even I – who’s wearing shirts on a regular basis – couldn’t tell that this piece is partially made from plastic.

How does this work?

To realize this ambitious project, GANT teamed up with the SEAQUAL™ Organization, using their special yarn made from upcycled ocean plastic in the production of the Tech Prep™ Shirts.

In addition, they developed entirely new design processes that allow the buttons & packaging to also be made from recycled plastic and lower the water usage during the production.

Enough technical facts; a brand’s mindset behind projects like this is what actually makes the difference in the long run.
The brands awareness for environmental matters roots in it’s foundation at the US east coat in 1949.

Since then, nature and especially water have been part of their identity. GANTS reaction to oceanic pollution is as clear as it is remindful: „The Ocean’s Business Is Everyone’s Business“, says CMO Brian Grevy.

The effort invested in this initiative results in a collection that’s not just a role model for other producers, but also puts pressure on everyone else to follow.



Bottom Line

In my opinion, the following sentence of this blogpost leads to one conclusion only:

„The difference to other shirts: there is none.“

If these shirts look and feel identical to regular ones, nothing changes on our end of the line. It is and remains the regular purchase of a shirt – with the great difference of supporting the environment.

Dressing up is all it takes to contribute. Who would have thought sustainability can be that posh?

GANT CMO Brian Grevy