About Me

My name is Justus Frederic Hansen, a 25 year old law student from Germany with a
passion for menswear. A passion I started sharing on Instagram and obviously
got out of hand, since instead of studying right now
(like a diligent law student would do),
I’m working on this kind of egoistic menu point called “About Me”.

The main reason why I started this blog is to add the missing intellectual depth
to my work on Instagram. Looking at the final result of an outfit as a picture on
Instagram is and always will be the fastest way of getting inspiration
for ones own wardrobe.


Does this really help you in the long shot? I don’t think so.
Each outfit I create has its own story, which is exactly what I want to be talking about in this blog.
Even though I very much like the idea of simply creating a narzistic little online diary, I do have a serious goal here:
Helping menswear enthusiasts to find their very own way of dressing.


If you’re asking me, the choice of clothing and the style is always the result and product of the persons circumstances and situation he or she is in. It might be that I like the shape of the blazer of an Italian in Florence, the linen shirt of a cuban in Havana or the unique Sneaker of a Hipster in Berlin. There’s tons of inspiration out there which one should always take advantage of.
Well, I’d say we’ve just created the fundament of the categories „travel“ & „lifestyle“. Fascinating how fast this goes, isn’t it?
Let’s see where this journey is taking us.